Books for Dyslexics

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Books for Dyslexics can help you prepare your child for reading. Our series of books is specially designed to support the language skills of children who might need some extra help.

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The Day the Letters Flew

This is the first book in the series designed to support children with language difficulties. It tells the story of a boy who wakes up one morning to discover that letters have gotten into his happy home and turned everything upside down. The letters change one word into another all day long and give the boy a great adventure.

This picture book is designed to be listened to by children aged 3-8. Remember that children love to be read rhyming stories from birth.

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Recommended for Children

  • Diagnosed with dyslexia
  • At risk for dyslexia
  • With language delay
  • With specific language impairment
  • With language difficulties due to other factors such as autism
  • Learning English as an additional language

About the author

Dr. Jodi Tommerdahl is an expert in Speech and Language Difficulties. She holds a PhD from la Sorbonne (Paris IV) in neurolinguistics and has a distinguished research career in both Europe and the United States. "Read More"

Be Part of the Project

While development of our book series in still in its early stages, we want to hear from parents who have children needing special language and reading support. We'd love to hear from you and learn about your children, their ages, their needs and what kind of books they love. We invite everyone out there who loves a child to become part of our growing project to make reading a fun and exciting part of that child's life.

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